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Our solutions for continuous monitoring range from  measurement of one global variable to condition supervision systems for turbines, wind generators or large machines.

TINY Remote Monitor

2-channel vibration monitor

TINY Remote Monitor (TRM) is a two-channel device for monitoring condition of machines by vibration and temperature.

A 24/7 control device that delivers signals in 4-20 mA format to be read by any PLC system or by your own signal management system.

Measurements it performs in its two channels are: Acceleration, Velocity, Displacement and Envelope with conventional sensors and also temperature if dual sensors are used.


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Remote Monitor
Wi-Fi Vibration Monitor

DSP Compact WRM

DSP Compact WRM system is a device with four to eight channels, vibrations and other variables, ideal for predictive maintenance of critical equipment.

A 24/7 control device that can communicate over an 802.11 b/g industrial wireless network.

Data can be saved in equipment memory or transmitted to the analysis and monitoring software.

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DSP Full Condition

Full Condition
Vibration Monitor 24/7

On-line 24/7 condition monitoring system for turbines, wind generators or large machines.

It offers a complete system for early detection and prevention of failures, checking 24/7 operating condition and improving maintenance reliability to optimize availability and performance.


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