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We are designers, developers and manufacturers of portable equipment for vibration measurement and analysis

1 channel portable vibration analyzer, with balancing and route option
Vibration Meter and Analyzer

Pocket VibPro

Pocket VibPro vibration meter is a compact and powerful equipment for diagnosis of rotating machines.

This meter automatically detects most frequent mechanical problems that need immediate repair or intervention, total vibration severity readings, according to ISO 10816, and condition of lubrication and bearings.


  Input: 1 (AC/ICP/DC/Temperature) for process + 1 tachometer.

  Line Resolution: from 400 to 25.600 lines

  Display: 3.5"

  Dsiplay Resolution: 320x240

  Storage: microSD

Main applications:

  • Vibration meter

  • IEC 60034 norm

  • Spectrum measurement

  • ISO 10816-3 norm

  • Data Collector

  • Machine Balancing in 1 and 2 planes

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DSP Logger Expert

6-channel vibration analyzer
Vibration Data Collector and Analyzer

DSP Logger Expert is a multi-channel hardware FFT Analyzer for predictive maintenance and machine diagnostics.

Includes intelligent diagnosis of lubrication and bearing failure

It is capable of measuring, processing, displaying, and store data for a wide variety of analysis functions.


  Inputs: 6 ICP / 4 AC / 2 DC + 1 tachometer

  Line  Resolution: from 400 to 25.600 lines

  Display: 5.7"

  Display Resolution: 640x480

  Storage: microSD

Main applications:

  • Vibration Meter

  • Vibration Analyzer

  • Phase Analyzer

  • Machine Balancing in 1 and 2 planes

  • Analizador de fase de vibraciones

  • Expert Analyzer
       - Test-I go (CSA)
       - Human Body Vibration (HBV)
       - Building Vibration

  • Data Collector

  • Continuous Monitoring
    (1 hour max for all 6 sensors)

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Test I Go

Test-I Go
Current Signature Analyzer (CSA)

Accessory and Module of DSP Logger Expert, SEMAPI's electric motor monitoring and testing instrument, is designed to carry out motor condition tests from a Motor Control Center (MCC).

"Test I go" belongs to the latest generation of portable testers that check status of rotating electric machines while they are running.

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