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About us.

SEMAPI is a company that develops technologies, measurement equipment and software for the diagnosis of industrial machines.
Its permanent evolution has allowed it to reach a first world technological level.

SEMAPI has innovated for mora than 40 years on this technique, when in the country a few companies were just beginning to adopt routine controls together with our engineers. Our experience and technical evolution in Predictive Maintenance allows us to be one of the few companies certified ISO 9001-2015 and also to renew that certification every year, evolving on the procedures to improve our effectiveness.


SEMAPI's vision on Predictive Maintenance and its insertion within the MAINTENANCE organization.
Philosophy: Predictive Maintenance is a great diagnostic tool, but it is only part of the solution.

If we want EFFICIENT Maintenance, we must integrate various activities, which ultimately can be summarized in a methodology:




All sectors, trained, must work together and with the same objectives, to achieve the following result:

a) Avoid the emergency.
b) Increase the useful life of the bearings, optimizing the quality of assembly and lubrication. To achieve efficiency in the global task of Predictive Maintenance, we have to train and do engineering, with great interaction between the actors.

If we do not achieve efficiency in all three sectors, even if it is achieved in one or two, there will not be an overall satisfactory result.

DSP remote monitor
CTC sensor
Field service
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