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DSP Machinery Control

Configuration and analysis software DSP Machinery Control. Configure all our family of products and analyze all measurements done
Analysis and Control Software

Equipment configuration and control tool for predictive maintenance through vibration analysis.​

DSP Machinery Control software is designed for organization and visualization of remote measurements delivered by the DSP remote monitor equipment.

Configuration of measurement system, parameters and detailed analysis of results can be easily operated from this same system.

All measurements that can be made with hardware can be seen from main screen.

This application has several configurable views that allow, for example, to see an online trend of a scalar value, or its analog (clock) or bar representation.

It also allows you to view the spectral graphs, waveforms or configured orbital diagrams

DSP Machinery Control, contemplates the most diverse possibilities so that operation of condition monitoring system is carried out quickly and with necessary information to make decisions regarding monitoring of values and the analysis of vibrations.

DSP Machinery Control software is designed to organize, perform and save the measurements made by the DSP Remote Monitor module.

Machine monitoring system contemplates a structure that derives from the number of sensors installed.

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